Tall Girl Issue’s-Jeans (2 min read)

I'll start of with I am 5'11..... I honestly find it entertaining to go to clothing stores designed apparently not for my height and trying on jeans.  So one of two things or both that happens is that it immediately looks like I am expecting a flood with my ankles embracing the breeze. So if … Continue reading Tall Girl Issue’s-Jeans (2 min read)



This could be as simple as a stare from across the room, no words needed to feel this sudden emotional boom. Or something more up front, A kiss on the check or a touch of a leg is pretty blunt. This act is a challenge for both engaged, one is yearning and the other is purely staged. You … Continue reading Teasing


Something I have never been allowed to be, and only a few will ever see this side of me. The reason for this being it's to much to recall, I have hidden this, guarded it, and put up this major wall. Everyone has always told me I am one of the strongest people they know, … Continue reading Fragile


The word alone is enough to get some people going, is it because you're attracted to this person or purely the fact of the unknowing? I personally have taken things fast and slow, no matter the timing it's the emotion behind the act that makes you know. Just a one night show or something more, it … Continue reading Sex


In a time where one person will always be fighting, I am confused why the two are not uniting? If one is constantly trying to make it all work, this might be okay for now but you should know that you will go berserk. People seem to not understand the concept of broken, this includes all … Continue reading Realize


An emotion that does not come out of no where but has warrant, It's usually caused by an unfortunate emotional torrent. What is a person to do when they have found something or someone new,  recall old wounds to make sure we are not hurt again by what we put ourselves through? Here is my … Continue reading Scared.


A list of expectations we can where as a badge of honor, when you're open with this be careful as the person might turn into a goner. Honesty scares people more than being told lies, you tell the truth yet they go back and you're left to wonder why... These things used to make me … Continue reading Standards