Moving-Poetry (1 Min Read)

In life, we either feel like we are crawling at a snail’s pace, or sprinting through it without enjoying the race. We have this problem of going forward & not appreciating the time presently around us, never really basking in it and thinking life’s moments are only a fuss. Trust me I understand the rat … Continue reading Moving-Poetry (1 Min Read)


Guilt-Poetry (1 Min Read)

What is it that causes a person to feel this, is it a snicker behind the back or something more ruthless? For me this is a feeling I avoid at all costs, it shuts me down, makes me feel alone, as well as completely  lost. This is one of those emotions that should be addressed … Continue reading Guilt-Poetry (1 Min Read)


Something I have never been allowed to be, and only a few will ever see this side of me. The reason for this being it's to much to recall, I have hidden this, guarded it, and put up this major wall. Everyone has always told me I am one of the strongest people they know, … Continue reading Fragile


The word alone is enough to get some people going, is it because you're attracted to this person or purely the fact of the unknowing? I personally have taken things fast and slow, no matter the timing it's the emotion behind the act that makes you know. Just a one night show or something more, it … Continue reading Sex


In a time where one person will always be fighting, I am confused why the two are not uniting? If one is constantly trying to make it all work, this might be okay for now but you should know that you will go berserk. People seem to not understand the concept of broken, this includes all … Continue reading Realize