Life Hack-Macrame 

Here's a picture of a project I have been working on this afternoon...  This craft is extremely stress relieving for me. I've heard it is the same for many others as well.  I will make a more detailed posts once I have a better inventory to share. I also caught a double rainbow in the … Continue reading Life Hack-Macrame 


How To Be A Better Friend(2 min Read)

I have always prided myself on how I treat all of my relationship's regardless if it is just a friendship or something more.  In this time people unfortunately don't know how to properly engage with another. So here are a few things that I try to constantly implement in my relationships... Follow up with them … Continue reading How To Be A Better Friend(2 min Read)


An emotion that does not come out of no where but has warrant, It's usually caused by an unfortunate emotional torrent. What is a person to do when they have found something or someone new,  recall old wounds to make sure we are not hurt again by what we put ourselves through? Here is my … Continue reading Scared.


A list of expectations we can where as a badge of honor, when you're open with this be careful as the person might turn into a goner. Honesty scares people more than being told lies, you tell the truth yet they go back and you're left to wonder why... These things used to make me … Continue reading Standards