Tall Girl Issue’s-Jeans (2 min read)

I'll start of with I am 5'11..... I honestly find it entertaining to go to clothing stores designed apparently not for my height and trying on jeans.  So one of two things or both that happens is that it immediately looks like I am expecting a flood with my ankles embracing the breeze. So if … Continue reading Tall Girl Issue’s-Jeans (2 min read)


Best Liquid Eyeliner-3 Reasons

I have attempted the beloved winged eyeliner for quite some time now.  So naturally I have tried about 20-30 brands.  You will start to see this as a pattern for me because I like my make-up a certain way and if the product does not meet my needs I have to find another.  I also … Continue reading Best Liquid Eyeliner-3 Reasons