Moving-Poetry (1 Min Read)

In life, we either feel like we are crawling at a snail’s pace,

or sprinting through it without enjoying the race.

We have this problem of going forward & not appreciating the time presently around us,

never really basking in it and thinking life’s moments are only a fuss.

Trust me I understand the rat race of business we call life,

more than anyone I want to succeed yet I still know it is pure strife.

See as humans we are meant to survive and provide for one another,

yet with technology and human evolution we are all racing each other.

Krystle 4.4.17

Don’t forget to take the time and smell the roses as they say…  Life disappears in a blink of an eye so make sure to not worry about the small things and do what feels right in the moment.  In those times that’s where the most beautiful memories are created.



YouTube-What I am listening to now! (EDM) 


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