Poem-Deserving (1 Min Read)

What triggers a person to know if they are worthy,

this is the type of thing that causes me to worry.

I am very aware of what I want or need in a partner,

this is not a subject that I will barter.

Some might see this as a bit unfair,

the smart ones see this as a blessing as I don’t leave anything up in the air.

You see this is a simple trial,

trying to see if they’re only in it for the sprint or the whole damn mile.

Krystle 3.22.17

Again I am going to refer to the number book in regards to relationships and standards that we are supposed to hold each-other accountable for.

Act Like A Lady Think Like a Man-Steve Harvey




3 thoughts on “Poem-Deserving (1 Min Read)

  1. Coyote from Orion says:

    I like it though it washes over my an outgoing late afternoon tide on the shore. I could just have our toes in gentling of friendship forever


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