How To Be A Better Friend(2 min Read)

I have always prided myself on how I treat all of my relationship’s regardless if it is just a friendship or something more.  In this time people unfortunately don’t know how to properly engage with another.


So here are a few things that I try to constantly implement in my relationships…

  1. Follow up with them

    When I say this I mean you have to listen to what they have going on in their life and in a few weeks or whatever important was happening in their life comes up you ask them how’d it go?  Simple way of showing you actually care .


    Let them know that you’re really digging their style these days or something as simple as a thank you for being my friend.  You would be surprised how much this impacts people and how much they appreciate it.

    Lose an argument

    I am not talking a super heated argument I am talking about a stupid daily debate. Example: “Why did you leave the light on? “(knowing damn well it was the other person) just try sucking it up and say hey my bad I apologize.  Letting the other person think they have achieved dominance gives the person a sense of pride that helps anyone boost their confidence.




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