This could be as simple as a stare from across the room,

no words needed to feel this sudden emotional boom.

Or something more up front,

A kiss on the check or a touch of a leg is pretty blunt.

This act is a challenge for both engaged,

one is yearning and the other is purely staged.

You see both parties want something here,

but you are only successful if one disappears.

Krystle 3.17.17 

Okay so I have to admit this is probably the strongest weapon I have when it comes to relationships.  I am not a tease (in my opinion) but I have a list of standards that have to met prior to moving forward with someone.  This is not something I have known my whole life.  This is something I developed overtime after going through different relationships.  To this day I have not been in a relationship where it ended and I felt I could have done something more.  Lets just say I like to give 100% because whats the point of dating if it is going nowhere?




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