The word alone is enough to get some people going,

is it because you’re attracted to this person or purely the fact of the unknowing?

I personally have taken things fast and slow,

no matter the timing it’s the emotion behind the act that makes you know.

Just a one night show or something more,

it seems as though people these days are very unsure.

For me this is not something I take lightly,

he needs to earn this from me and become somewhat knightly.

Some might think this is a form of teasing,

but believe me when the honor is earned I’ll be doing all the pleasing.

Krystle 3.16.17

Unfortunately in my generation I think we have forgotten the true meaning of love and how we are to treat one another.  I remember growing up the pressures of having sex was more than any other drug shoved in my face.  Don’t worry I have always been good at saying no and making my own decisions but it doesn’t change the fact that the pressures are there.  Girls hold out its worth it!!  Guys believe me its worth it when you wait out for something as well because you end up appreciating & respecting them more.  Men are hunters by nature, I am just enjoying the hunt.



Favorite Book Series on Sex


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