In a time where one person will always be fighting,

I am confused why the two are not uniting?

If one is constantly trying to make it all work,

this might be okay for now but you should know that you will go berserk.

People seem to not understand the concept of broken,

this includes all the hurtful words that have been spoken.

If someone expresses the emotion to end things,

whether it be spoken, acted, or just pulling at your hamstrings…

I personally hold them to what they said,

no way will I stay to see what’s in store ahead.

As they always say if you don’t have your word you have nothing,

so if you say something to me please make sure you’re not bluffing.

Krystle 3.15.17

wp-1489591544233.jpgOne thing that I seem to be surprised by is how people stay together when they have every reason to not be.  I understand that every situation is circumstantial believe me as I came from a broken home.  I have to say though I wouldn’t change one thing about my childhood.  I am personally so happy that my parents decided to actually separate and not have us sit their and constantly listen to the battles.

Keep this in mind if you are in a unhealthy relationship and staying together for your kids or the sense of family.  Remember times when you were a kid?  Well don’t forget that because your kids will one day remember all the things they’ve seen.




7 thoughts on “Realize

      • Coyote from Orion says:

        Completely understand. To hear someone younger gets it keeps hope alive. Living along certain principles probably has nothing to do with generation. Truth is truth. Best wishes today

        Liked by 1 person

      • Generation Confused says:

        Funny you should say that because honestly this is one of the main reasons I started a blog. It’s truly upsetting to see how my generation plus the ones below me don’t understand basic life principles. Have a wonderful day!

        Liked by 1 person

      • Coyote from Orion says:

        Yeah well… you know where I am… hopefully more to comment on. Getting a rare chance to rest right now. Hope all going well for you. The cat has disappeared for a while… which means she is probably in another room working like Wiley E Coyote


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