Best Liquid Eyeliner-3 Reasons

I have attempted the beloved winged eyeliner for quite some time now.  So naturally I have tried about 20-30 brands.  You will start to see this as a pattern for me because I like my make-up a certain way and if the product does not meet my needs I have to find another.  I also try all the samples I get and lets just say I have received well into the thousands when it comes to samples from Nordstrom & Sephora mostly.

Now I found this Urban Decay product recently when I wasn’t really looking for anything in particular.  So the fact that I put it on my hand and later came back to purchase this is saying a lot.  I only buy what I need and sometimes I need to buy new things I haven’t tried to make sure I have the best for my current make-up needs.  Its the best excuse I have come up with so far in regards to my make-up spending.

Urban Decay Razor Sharp


First-Small amazing applicator that holds just the right amount needed (most important for me)

ud app

Secondly-Goes on well! Other products I have had to go back 3-4 times to make the pigment disperse properly through the liquid and try to not make it look chunky.  I mean getting the wing right is hard in itself!ud wing

Third & Final-Stays on!  Need I say more?

Check out what Amazon has to offer from Urban Decay!



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