An emotion that does not come out of no where but has warrant,

It’s usually caused by an unfortunate emotional torrent.

What is a person to do when they have found something or someone new,

 recall old wounds to make sure we are not hurt again by what we put ourselves through?

Here is my problem with this,

what if you did nothing wrong to deserve this dis?

What if you were honest and loving throughout it all,

does that mean you should not be like this to any & all?

In my opinion I would rather get hurt a thousand times over,

than change who I am when I was the good holdover.

You cant help people who like to live with problems,

for example when the strong put up walls they only put up columns.

It’s not their fault as they have seen both sides,

all I hope is they see how honorable I was and use it as guides.

Krystle 3.14.17

This poems has a lot of meaning to me right now.  I wrote this from a place I normally don’t expose to many but I want you guys to feel the pain behind some of things I went through.

 I want you to see the process in a literary form because I rose above all this and I want others to have some insight on how I continue to be as happy as I am in my life regardless of what happens.  Everything that happens in life is a lesson not something to beat you down.

 Life isn’t Whack A Mole game  as much as you think it is.  It shows character when you are able to change a good situation to something learnt.




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