A list of expectations we can where as a badge of honor,

when you’re open with this be careful as the person might turn into a goner.

Honesty scares people more than being told lies,

you tell the truth yet they go back and you’re left to wonder why…

These things used to make me sad when I was younger,

But I have too much respect to go after someone who cant feed my hunger.

What happens in the long run is they come back around,

They come to you looking for help to pick everything off the ground.

Just remember your self-worth and how you were honest from the beginning,

Because when they come back the last thing you will ever think about is rekindling.

Krystle 3.13.17

I highly recommend every female to read Steve Harvey’s book...  A dear friend of mine was telling me to read it for years and after my last breakup I said why not I obviously don’t know what I a doing. lol  He really has a way with explaining things and making you take a step back and look at yourself.

I just wanted to let you know this is the only book you will ever have to read for you to understand how males think.  It actually explains how they perceive love through their eyes and not through the females sometimes very confused brain.





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