Makeup Artist’s Choices: Concealer

As a make-up lover I finally have decided to share my greatest secret with the world…  Even though this was shared to me by a Mac make-up artist originally.  So if you’re are anything like me I want my concealer to do exactly what it is intended for….CONCEAL!  After trying pretty much every brand of concealer I came to the conclusion that they’re all pretty similar just small tweaks in their formula’s.  Until I tried Amazing Cosmetics….

ACNow I 100% swear by their formula.  It is thick yet goes a LONG way.  In know alot of the stores say that a little goes a long way and I never really believed them because when I would use it I would not feel the same way.  After Amazing Cosmetics I am a believer.  Yes it is a tad on the expensive side but hey one tube will last you about 6-7 months. So for me in the long run I actually save more money by buying a higher quality product.




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