Las Vegas-SLS Hotel Review & More

I had the opportunity to stay at the SLS in Las Vegas this week specifically the 8th-10th.  As a native of Los Angeles, CA I have heard about the SLS in Beverley Hills as in my past I was a personal assistant and I was constantly booking rooms for my boss at that location.  I was always drawn to this hotel due to to their beautiful clash of modern and eclectic design.

See Example Image of LA Location Below:SLS LA

I arrived around 10:30am on the 8th and upon arrival the staff were immediately attentive and gracious.  The Bell hop waited for me to see if I could get an early check-in which the SLS gladly provided me.

SLS Front

Upon entering the room there were floor to ceiling mirrors on both sides of the room across from each other with a power button on each of them that when pushed on, illuminated the trim of the mirror and lit up the whole room to my surprise.  I loved their use of of two common items combined to make something different.

SLS room

So the room was great a little small but hey I am in Vegas!  You think I give a shit about the size of the room? It is hip, edgy, yet classy all at the same time in terms of their room design.  The whole hotel gives you a sort of rich Alice and Wonderland feeling it really is quite mesmerizing.

I have to be honest I did not waste much time in room because I was so dire to go exploring these buzzing hotel floors.  First things first I had to hit the Casino floor to see what their rewards program was as well as hit the pennie slots for a little as I always like to start of small.  Again I am going to bring up the attentive employee’s…. Honestly within 10 minutes of me sitting down I have already had a cocktail waitress stop by and another employee offering me SLS’s rewards program The Code.  I was very impressed with that and this is probably the fastest I have ever been attended to while in Vegas.  So after sitting at the pennSLS Casino.jpgie slots for about a half hour I lost $40 and decided to hit the Craps table.  Now what I like to do when the casino’s are dead is play as though I have never played before to see how the dealers respond and see how they handle new customers because at the end of the day business is business and new and young gamblers have money they are willing to risk.  So the buy in was $5 and again the staff were nothing but informative and understanding.  Needless to say I made friends with all of them and turned my $20 in $320 within an hour.  But here is the most important thing that I think other casinos should pay attention to is that I specifically came back looking for these dealers throughout the rest of my stay.  This is great news for the SLS as this promotes loyal and returning customers.

I decided to sit out at the Foxtail Pool bar as the second day was a beautiful 82 degrees and I could not resist.

Here I go again talking about the staff but honestly I felt like I was at my home away from home when I was in Vegas all alone.  The bartenders were attentive and very fun to be around.  I meshed witfoxtail pool 2h all of their personalities quickly and soon enough I didn’t realize but I was at the pool for about 4 hours sitting at the bar shooting the shit with them.  Again another key thing, great employees kept me around wanting to buy more drinks as they were fantastic at their job!


I will 100% be coming back and recommending my friends and family to stay at this hotel.  The hotel’s modern vibe buzzes through its design, employees, and rooms.  I highly recommend this hotel and hope when you guys check it out you feel the same as I do!



Krystle 3.12.17


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