Makeup-3 Must Haves!

I am a lover of all things beautiful… With that being said Makeup has been a huge passion in my life since I got in trouble in elementary school for wearing eyeliner.  Granted I looked like a damn raccoon but I loved the idea of enhancing peoples beautiful features.

Friends and family have constantly come to me for my opinion on the hottest trends in beauty so I thought I should share with you all some of my favorites right now!

Number One: Face Cleanser & Moisturizers

I am going to start with one of the most important things that we all sometimes over look…. Start with a CLEAN and moisturized face.  I only exfoliate about once a week and I think this is something we should all strive to do.  I know it feels great and as you are scrubbing all the impurities out of your skin but if you exfoliate too much you will dry out your skin and cause you to actually break out more!

So be careful when using this product and use it sparingly.  This is not a cheap product but it should last you about 5 months if you are exfoliating properly. I have been using Lancer products for years and I treat them like gold! Click the picture below or this link for their full cleansing line.

Number Two: Primer

I cannot stress how important the use of a primer everyday during your makeup routine is. Your skin is not designed to have oils and chemicals all over your face everyday.  In order to protect your skin and keep your makeup on all day you have to use a primer.  I know it adds another step to a already long beauty routine but what is the point to invest all this time into your makeup just for it to have no defense to protect it from smudging, smearing, or just straight up coming off!  I cant decide which primer I like more so I switch off between the two.

For the more experienced artist I would suggest Laura Mercier Radiance.  This has highlighter infused into the primer which adds a nice effect once you have applied your face make-up

My other favorite is Too Faced Poreless.  Now this primer does exactly what it says in its name.  It has very thick coverage but it ultimately feels light and I rarely have to touch up when using this.  It creates a smooth canvas by masking your pores that helps your make-up have a more matte look other than being oily.

Number Three: Foundation

Now I know my opinion changes frequently on this but I have to admit this is the longest I have stayed with a specific foundation.  Too Faced-Born This Way is light but has heavy coverage and blends extremely well.  Make sure to match your color from your neck to make sure you are using the right shade.  I have been using this for about six months now and I have not been let down yet.

Selfie 1

Selfie featuring all of the products minus the Laura Mercier and also prior to me learning how to do my brows properly!! Hilarious…




Krystle 3.6.17


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