Simple Life Hack

Please read the following out loud to yourself slowly and take a deep breathe, this is some heavy shit I am about to drop on you.


Thing’s are never as BAD as you think they are…

in the same token things are never as GOOD as you thought they were to be.

Relate this to EVERY & ANY situation you find yourself in.  

For example:  Your pal Lindzie mentions a new deli in town and all your girlfriend’s are going on that the sandwiches are literally mind-blowing.  Well needless to say it was a good sandwich but your head did not explode.

The only way you will get the same benefit that others have from this situation is if you really think about the saying over and over in your head and try to relate it to scenarios in your own life.

So if you are on the verge of becoming upset about something remember this time will pass and its not as bad as you think…. I promise  

Also do me a favor and listen to one of my favorite songs that relates to this life hack in my opinion-




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