3 Ways to be a Better Person

Let’s be honest there are thousands of different ways we could stop and take a second to invest a sliver of our own time into other individuals.  It’s disheartening to think that we have almost lost the beauty of human interaction and respect due to the open channels of communication we now have somewhat suffocating us..(Social Media)

Anyhow, a simple smile or introduction can go a long way so don’t be shy and give it try!(rhyme intended)

Shutup for a second, and listen.

Okay I know we all love talking about ourselves…. but think about how much better it feels when someone is genuinely interested in who you are.  Ask about their likes, dislikes, hobbies, passions, etc. If you have known this person for quite some time, ask them about something you normally could care less about.  Show interest & show respect, people tend to thrive in caring environments as history has proven.

Go the extra mile.

Example:  So you’re going over to your best pal Billy’s house and its been a few months since you’ve seen one another so instead of coming over with the normal six pack of brews you decided to spend the extra $20 and get his favorite Irish Whiskey

Now I am not saying go and do this for everyone as you will end up broke, but show the people that  matter to you that they are important and serve tremendous value to you.  This is just a simple way for me describe the concept of going the extra mile.

Always strive to be loyal.

This is obviously more challenging for some rather than others but it really makes life manageable in a way  when you never have to tip-toe around situations because you are pushing to be an honest person all the time.  Think about it, if you don’t trust a person that also means you don’t respect that person.  What the fuck is the point of having any sort of  relationship with a person when you don’t even respect them?

It is something I strive and struggle to do everyday yet it has made relationships generally smoother in my life.



3 Things I Love right now-3/4/2017

These weird little guys

Well duh I obviously cant live with out this

And whatever the hell this amazing thing is




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      Hello, Only thing I was trying to understand is do I go and a post to your page with the link to my own website? Or do I need to include all of the context of the post and tags, images, videos, etc..?

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        not a problem!! I was trying to figure a way to word that properly lol I guess the better question is everytime I post on my own page do I need to post on MD as well and wait for you guys to approve?

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  2. Malissa Greenwood says:

    I love this post! I actually recently wrote a blog post about a similar thing – generosity. I think it’s important to remember that there are other people in this world and you should strive to be a better person when interacting with them. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing this, I’m glad I found it today.

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  3. charandtheweb says:

    Loving these points. Going the extra mile every now and then makes all the difference. It makes you feel good, and the person you’re doing it for. I also like that you mentioned listening, every underrated quality in people in you ask me. We’re so used to talking out ourselves that we forget to take the time to truly show interest. Great post.

    We’ve currently got a Life Hacks writing contest going on at Creators.co (with a great prize!) and I think this might be a fantastic entry for it. Be sure to check it out if that sounds interesting to you. I’d also be more than happy to give you some further information regarding the platform. Would love to hear from you.

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