Just like that his eyes began to widen,

every muscle in his body had tightened.

If there was only something he could do,

any sort of method to just make it through.

One minute feels like hours,

the intensity rains over him like showers.

After the terror comes and goes,

he searches for answers but nobody knows.

Krystle 3.3.17anxiety-2

Photos were both made by my good friend Chase Curtis.  He is extremely talented and I am going to start showcasing more of his art on my blog to go along with my poetry.  Whether he has a piece of paper and a pen or a computer there is no limits to what he can create.  I would love for him to have more exposure so I will do whatever I can to showcase his talents.

Ten ways to help living with Anxiety

1. Get Some Fresh Air

I really do think people underestimate the power of just going outside for a stroll or just a few deep breaths.  It can also act as sort of a distraction from your anxiety as it forces to you to somewhat pay attention to what is going on around you.  So grab your Nike’s and favorite headphones the next time you start to feel overwhelmed!

2. Go Somewhere Peaceful

Depending where you live there is always somewhere you can find that is pleasing to the eyes.  For example I am a Southern California girl so there are a few places I can think of off the top of my head that I have gone to and just escaped reality for a little.  One being the thousands steps in Laguna Beach, CA.  Basically any beach is a great escape for me and I am blessed that where I live allows me access to so many.


Photo taken by myself in 2014 in Laguna Beach, CA

3. Educate Yourself

After all gaining as much knowledge as possible about something you cant control can only help you, right?  I would suggest reading a good book in regards to Anxiety.  Try out a Self-Help book focusing on Anxiety.  I have been told in the past that these books contain valuable information and tools they haven’t thought about previously.

4. Try Getting Crafty

This is number one for me and I am always looking to crafts to help me escape reality and not think about the day to day worries for a few moments. Macrame is a very relaxing craft and surprisingly not to difficult to learn once you have a few basic knots down. Especially if you are any good at this you can also turn round and make some money. People are selling Wall Art macrame for a nice chunk of money depending on the size and complexity. Watch a few tutorials on YouTube or get a Book on this art to become a pro!


Photo of a Wall Art project I am currently working on

5.Try Yoga or Meditation

Stretching your body and making yourself focus on control & balance increases your ability to control many different situations in your life.  These sort of activities also make you focus on your breathing and teach you different methods to put yourself at ease.  Grab a Yoga Mat and try it out!

6. Get Some Good Sleep

This is super easy to do and also a good excuse to be lazy.  Having inconsistent sleep patterns can really mess with a person in ways we would never imagine.  If you give your self the required sleep we need it has been proven to reduce anxiety.  If you have trouble with this try a Sleep Aid or drink some Tea to help soothe you to sleep.

7. Avoid Caffeine

Caffeine is known to increase anxiety in individuals.  If you think about it the last thing you would give a person is something that gets them pumped up when they are already know they have issues with anxiety.  I know its hard but maybe try some Natural Alternatives  to give you energy to get through your day.

8. Stay In Touch

You have to make sure you are reaching to family and friends and talk to them about the things you struggle with.  Other people can sometimes see things you cant see yourself so having another opinion is sometimes beneficial to the one suffering from Anxiety.  Grab your computer and Video Chat with a distant relative to keep open good lines of communication.

9. Blast Your Favorite Tunes

Lets be honest here, what is better than blasting your favorite song and dancing like no one is watching?  Honestly for me it is my favorite stress reliever.  I put on my high quality Sony Headphones that have a button to add bass which really takes the sound to another level. If you prefer to play it on a stereo I suggest investing a decent amount of money on Speakers that will last and give you quality tunes.  Click the links to see my personal favorites! Don’t let commercials throw off your grove!


My final suggestion is really the most important to me.  If you are able to mentally separate yourself and just get a few good deep breaths in you can really change your whole mood.  Check out some Book’s if you cant master this on your own.


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