Fun in SoCal Vol. 1

If you are thinking about traveling to Southern California in the future do yourself a favor and look into a few things my friends and I have enjoyed so much over the years.  I will update this weekly with different activities for people to try.

Go Skydiving off the coast to get a view of both land and sea!  I think this is something that everyone needs to try at least once in their lifetime.

I took the plunge around 11:00am on a spring afternoon and I couldn’t have prepared for the views that I was embraced with.  To be able to see not only residential buildings but to also see the coastline while the sun is shining its brightest is something no words can ever describe!  (See picture of me straight cheesin!)

This will run you about $200.00 USD per person if you would like to have the instructor film your adventure with a Go Pro.  Personally I wanted the video to laugh at myself and to also prove to others I actually did it!  I would check Groupon for deals prior to purchasing as these places are always having deals as they are not extremely busy due to the extreme sports factor!




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