False entitlement

The 2016 Presidential election really opened my eyes about people.

Regardless of what anyone’s opinion was on the election the way that people spoke to one another was absolutely mind-blowing to me.  Call me old school but regardless of how strongly I feel about something I still do my best to keep my manners.

I saw teenagers disrespecting their elders,  parents using their kids as pawns, and friendships explode all right in front of me… Thank you Social Media!

I did not entertain much arguing during this time period just more of ignoring people and losing respect for many.  I would see people not just stating their opinion but forcing others to feel the same as they do…  To me, that makes me think that the person whom is trying to convince the other their opinion is the correct one thinks they are more important to the world than the other individual.

This is where the entitlement factor comes in.  You are able to have your own opinion’s but do NOT give yourself a false sense of entitlement and put others feelings/opinions down.

Be humble and remember we were all created equal.

Stay classy my friends.

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