Hallmark Holiday

Valentines days is truly a sad day when you look at the big picture.  People who do not have someone feel alone and the people that have someone expect a grand gesture which if they dont get could end up with them being mad at one another…

You know who always wins?  STORES.  Selling cards, stuffed animals, chocolates, flowers, etc…

The truth in the matter is that if you are in love with someone you should do little things each day to make sure they know how you feel.  I feel as though this “holiday”is more for people to show off…

Image result for crushed flowers

For example: Girl received flowers and chocolate at her place of work and is more than elated by this gesture her significant other has made for her.  30 minutes later her co worker is serenaded and proposed to right in front of everyone!! Now her flowers and chocolate look weak in comparison….It seems to me that everyone needs to brag about what they got from one another as well as what they have done for their partner.  To me that takes the love out of it because at this point it is just a competition to perform better.

Remember to love hard and honestly everyday regardless of the date on the calendar.


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